Earth First! Summer Gathering 2016

Summer Gathering 2016

Weds 17th - Mon 22nd Aug


Five days of skill-sharing for grassroots ecological direct action - make links, share ideas, and get involved in the struggles against fracking, new roads and more

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Earth First! Summer Gathering 2016

The EF! Summer Gathering is a chance for people and groups from across the country and beyond to get together to network, share practical skills, ideas and inspiration to help our actions and campaigns be as strategic and effective as possible. This is an annual gathering for grassroots ecological direct action, this year focusing on welcoming people from impacted communities.

This year the Summer Gathering will be held in Northamptonshire from the 17-22nd August 2016. Last year's gathering was the largest and most dynamic for many years, with over 200 workshops and more than 400 people attend over the five days of skill-sharing, networking and planning which took place. For more information on what happened see the post-gathering report. Contact us with offers of help or if you have any specific accessibility needs via .

Previous Gatherings

The first British Earth First! Gathering was held on a beautiful rural site near Brighton in February 1992. This year's gathering is set to be the largest since the 1990's with over 170 workshops confirmed so far. Details of some of the more recent gatherings are below:

Gathering Date Location Online Programme Workshops Spaces Length
2015 19th-24th Aug Peak District Website Programme 170+ 8 + cinema 5 days
2014 28th-31st Aug Somerset Website Programme 30 3 + cinema 4 days
2013 7-11th Aug Sussex Website Programme 55 5 5 days
2012 1st-5th Aug Shropshire Website Programme 50 5 5 days
2011 10-15th Aug Norfolk Website Programme 70 5 days
2010 4-9th Aug Derbyshire Info Programme 95 7 5 days
2009 19-24th Aug Cumbria Website Programme 75 5 5 days
2008 27th Aug-1st Sep Norfolk Website Programme 96 5 days
2006 16-20th Aug Wales Website 90+ 5 days
2005 17th-21st Aug Peak District Website
2004 4-9th Aug East Midlands Website Programme 92 5 days
2003 14-16th Aug Yorkshire Website Programme 51 7 3 days
2002 10-14th Jul Westcountry Info 100+ 5 days